Experience Korean Food and Become a Cook in Korea

Many bloggers talk about Korean food and tend to explain in details every single dish and end up saying come to Korea and taste this delicious food. While I can agree on that but well let’s face any traveling web site can introduce to the local food. My point is that keeping a good memories of any country go beyond the local food experience. You can get inspired by a Korean meal and create an fusion food dish based on your own food culture. As an example I remember tasting a famous dish called Tteokbokki in Kondae district. The meal is basically rice cakes boiled in spicy red sauce. I liked the dish and I ate here and then in Seoul. Several months later I went to shopping mall called Time Square to taste a fusion food dish called Carbonara Tteokbooki.


The Korean traditional dish Tteokbokki 


And its fusion food derived dish the Carbonara Tteokbokki 

Then as you may have noticed anyone can try to cook a meal based on his/her own food culture. For instance I have created a dish simply by mixing two recipes: a reprensative Korean dish called bibimbap and a european ingredients. Bimbap contains usually rice, meat, an egg, gochujang (a spicy korean sauce), mushrooms, carrots, soja etc.



For the French bibimbap I included blue cheese, olives, smoked cheese, paprika and tomatoes to the traditional ingredients of the bibimbap, here, an egg, beef meat, rice, Takuan (in Korean Dammuji), Kimchi, Gojuchang and salad leaves. I was so delicious to mix all the ingredients. My favorite combination was some rice, a piece of meat topped by blue cheese, a piece of paprika, piece of Takuan wrapped in a salad leaf. DE-LI-CIOUS!


The French Bibimbap


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