When music videos show modern Paris and Seoul

When getting interested in a country and its culture one faces sooner or later prejudices regarding this country. There are for instance number of American blockbusters where one can see a Citroen 2CV car because the action takes place in Paris. Nevertheless any tourist coming to Paris can easily notice that this car is actually hard to find in the capital. This may be explained by the fact that the car was released in 60’s. The car equipment doesn’t fit modern standard. There are of course more prejudices regarding Paris and the Parisians life style. To get rid of this problem I figured out that one way to picture Paris and its lifetime is simply to have a look over music videos.

For example one can see the well-known DJ Martin Solveig dating his girlfriend in Paris in the Music video: The Night out. They wonder in the city, have a drink, dance in a club and even have a diner on the Seine river…this gives a good picture of Paris’ life style and it is at least  an attempt to capture the unique Parisian atmosphere.  To feel this atmosphere by yourself have a look at Martin Solveig’s MV:



In the same fashion one can try escaping from the classical picture of Seoul and Korean culture by having a look of the music video of the band Ulala Session – You and Me (너랑나랑) When the members of this joyful group try to seduce their respective partners while they wonder in different streets in Seoul (modern and traditional). Here no Ps, jumping in the street only common people enjoying their life.



Keep in mind that looking at what we are not expected to can always teach us something new such as in that case with the background of MV.

Stay tune


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