Fire Friday Fashion

Here is the situation: You wake up and rise from bed. You have been waiting for an entire week this day, Friday. The week end is around the corner. You eat your breakfast and have a shower. The sun is shinning and you can’t wait for end of the day. However, a tiny problem arises while thinking about tonight: “How should I dress?” Usually that is a simple question, but since it is Friday you have to dress both for the lectures in the university and for the party you have plans to attend with your friends afterwards. This can be so problematic that some girls wear low shoes during day day while keeping high heels in their bags for night’s parties. In the order to understand how students deal with this issue and choose their clothes on this particular day, I decided to investigate. I met people people and asked them about the “Fire Friday Fashion”.DSCN2721

First of all, which piece of clothing are people are most attracted to when dressing on a Friday morning? While men such as Geon-ho take great care in choosing the jacket and shirt he wears women such as Bae-gyeol, tend to carefully consider the dress she wears. Soon-hyeong is concerned with the high heels many young women wear on Firday nights. Since women have a myriad of choices to express their feminity, skirts and accessories also come into play as important fashion items for Friday, as Ye-ji pointed out.

There is a well-known phrase in the world of fashion: “The style lies in details.” Prettiness can be conveyed through these noise of high heels walking on the ground, the twinkling of necklace while a girl bends to listen to the words of boy, or even the pattern of dress. Small things make first impressions while simply walking in to a pub to join friends. Similar thoughts apply to men’s clothing. Handsomeness can be depicted by a man wearing a navy jacket who orders a with a simple a glass of beer for himself.



Attempting to be stylish is a key point when you dress on Friday, but one may wonder which styles attract students. I went to Hongdae, to introduce to you three styles. For the first picture imagine that a girl wears shiny black skirt and her black leggings. The choice of color for the lower part of her body emphasizes he blue color of her coat. On top she wears a white blouse and a white scarf with patterns. The patterns makes the scarf appear more sophisticated  and the white color leads people to look at her face. For the second  picture, a woman applies similar style by playing with beige and black colors. Her leggings  can be found and Codes Combine which produces myriad of white, grey. and black clothes: the color that are easy to wear for partying. Colorful coats are sold, for example, in Roem and Forever 21. The black shirt is available in Mixxo, known for the creativity of its skirts, and the white blouse is available in Top 10. Another women chose a colorful style. She alternates the red and the blue colors, starting from her shoes to the blue color with her hat. These colorful clothes are sold in 8seconds and Us and Them. The scraf and the leggings are black to compensate for the amount of red and blue color and the rest of her body. Finally, in our last picture, two men choose to wear blue coats, shirts, Buckaroo jeans, Converse sneakers, and leather shoes. The coat gives the overall appearance a more high-class manly look. Wearing sneakers tends to mix high-class with casual fashion styles, a thing which is likely to occur on Friday. This is the main issue you might face on a Friday morning, so to speak. Therefore, by comparing three different styles, you can find inspiration for your Friday wardrobe.


To conclude this journey in the world of fashion, I will mention a famous quote of Yves Saint Laurent: ” When you feel good in a good piece of clothing, everything can happen. A good piece of clothing is a passport to happiness”. It reveals well how our perception of reality can be modified by something as simple as a piece of clothing. Therefore next Friday, choose your trend mark, your favorite piece of clothing, and dress up because it’s “Fire Friday” and you are going to have fun!


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