Kakao talk’s land

Here we are and to start talking about Korean life let’s have a look that doesn’t come in mind at first as tourist: Kakao talk. Sure when asking western people what do think about when talking about Far East, they often picture gigantic cities and temples. Therefore I decided to talk a more modern and shallow topic: Kakao talk. Every person who used a Korean phone for while in Korea have been convinced or even persuade to download the kakao talk app. Think about Whatsapp but cuter and with many more functions. Being in cute in Korea can definitely be a part of marketing strategy and to achieve this goal, Kakao talk provides myriads of emoticons. The popularity of these emoticons is such that even a sketch have been made to parody a couple typical conversation on kakao talk and the importance of using emoticons to convey emotions (even to pratice the korean hard-to-get game called ‘milddang’)

Here is the link of sketch I am talking about


And now there are even kakao talk shops and cafes to sell by-products. If you are interested in going to a cafe I recommend the Majo and Sady cafe located close to the exit 3 of  Dongdaemun history and culture park. Have a look!

20140913_152514  Majo and Sady


Kakao talk emoticons inserted in paintings


Delicious desserts


Entrance of the cafe! 🙂


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