Music: In the heart of geeks

When thinking about geeks and music one represents often a person listening to weird electronic music. In a way, it’s true but in reality what makes a person a geek. It is not easy to address an answer to this question. Besides there are plenty of prejudices. They stay at home. They have few friends. They are anti-social. They have large glasses and they are not so clean. Well, we would better stop here! These prejudices belong to the past. One reason is the way we network completely change how individuals interacts in society. Geeks follows as well this trend. The web, for instance, is creating new opportunities to learn about other groups and subcultures. In such an environment, there is not a geek who does not know to at least one other type of geek. Moreover it even good to remain dozens of types of geeks exist. What they listen to depends often on which group they belong. First and foremost a type of music that you can listen to can be seen as a weird electronic music. In this style there is some artists such as, Random, who create music using sound in 8-bit. The 8-bit music can be heard when playing Gameboy and Game Gear.


There are also bands creating music using various musical styles. Machinae Supremacy, for example, is definitely one of them. The band the mix of metal and 8-bit music. It is an experience to listen to any of their songs. In a neighbooring style, there is the music for videogames. Many of the artists from Japan record for videogames. Nobuo Uematsu, a Japanese celebrity, made music for the Final Fantasy series. Her music is considered as a classic for RPG geeks. There are also other famous icons that utilizes computer game culture in the purpose to touch heart of geeks. The artist, Basshunter is a good exemple with his song Dota. In the music video he sings about the game, Dota, while PC gamers play the game in network. Basshunter stands on the stage while PC gamers play in front of him. Do you know many people in real life that play computer games while listening to a live concert? Showing such a invented event in his music video directly talk to the gamers. Althought Basshunter is not alone in being inspired by geek culture. There are many who succeed in attracting geeks and also a wider audience. The blockbuster Avatar by James Cameron has been seen by many, though the film is largely based on geeky cultural codes. The hero is namely a geek, or rather, an RPG player. He was doing nothing with his life until he was sent to Pandora to control a creature with incredible powers with the help of complicated system. Avatar’s original soundtrack as well as fantasy music belong also to the geek world. Star Wars’ opening scene, The Lord of the ring music or Pirates of carribeans songs are all nerdy music and their composers: John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer are geeky icons. Then if you watch these movie, can be you considered as a geek?


Yousei Teikoku

Let me now move to the other side of the globe, let’s go to Japan. The country became known through to name but few those of three reasons – it’s the land for video games, animation and it reprensents an alternative culture in respect to the United States. The Japanese music is very wide. There are classic styles such as rock with the band X-Japan, the metal with the band Yousei Teikoku or pop rock with Tommy Heavenly6. They mainly differ from the American culture by the fact that they all sing in Japanese. Meanwhile the styles that are typically Japanese and expressing an alternative culture. Among them may be mentioned KEI’s style that can be described with the phrase “music and fashion is one single thing ” An example the style can be the band Malice Mizer who dress in 17th century’s clothes and plays a mixture of classical music and metal. Another style defined that alternative style is Japanese pop music or J-Pop. The songs are based on 90’s dance music and J-Pop bands consists mainly girls who sing about ridiculous topics – the first bag they purchased, guys who like their jeans or a birthday party where a guy confessed his love. Add to that silly dance moves and you’ve created a real J-pop band, for example, ° Cute. Why then such songs attracts geeks? The songs have multiple advantages. They send simple messages. They are fun and have often catchy melodies.


Another area that touched the heart of geeks is the world of comics and animation. If you just must mention two names of famous singers for animation, it sould be Yuki Kajiura and Maaya Sakamoto. Yuki Kajiura became famous with series Noir and Madlax and Maaya Sakatamo by participating in the creation of the most songs of Japanese cartoons such as RahXephon. Japanese music offers consequently various alternative styles and most geek groups find the style that corresponds their culture. Japanese music is not the only one that conveys a feeling of alternative culture. Korean and Chinese popular culture, which appeared in the middle of the 00’s, has also made its foray in the world of geeks with thousands of songs. Geeks can rejoice because the alternative music looks to have a bright future.


From up on the poppy hill

When you finally try to have an overview over all possible music as a geek can listen to, it appears that geek culture is so broad that it almost is impossible to draw a line between what is geeky or not. Moreover by mixture any geeky music with pop culture has made it even more difficult to achieve this division. The music is thus a perfect example of the difficulty distinguish geeky subcultures from others and all are therefore geeks in a way. Your grandmother was one of them when she saw Avatar. Your little sister discovered geek world when she watched Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film From up on the Poppy hill. Your brother was a part of the geek gang when he touched a Wii for the first time in his life and while he listened to Mario Kart’s tracks. Your high school mate became a geek when he danced to Basshunter music first time he went to the nightclub. Geeks are surrounding you. What are you waiting for to be part of the gang!


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